Mini Art Class I: Gestalt’s Design Law

Design is not as crazy as you think. As long as you learn the right design principle, you can design. This is why I am here to introduce Gestalt’s Design Principle to you.

Simplicity: Focus on What Matters
What it means: Simplicity in Gestalt’s theory indicates that elements should be designed in a simple and easy way to perceive.

Real World Application:

Apple’s design focus switched from materialism to flat

Proximity : Close Objects Form a Group
Definition: Law of proximity indicates that objects that are close to each other appear to form a group.

Real World Application:

Same type of information gather together.

Similarity : Bird of Feather, Flock Together
Definition: Law of similarity indicates that elements that are similar are perceived to be more related than those which are dissimilar.


Similar boxy design promotes scanability

Symmetrical: The Natural Preference
Definition: According to the law of symmetry, humans have a natural preference for symmetrical objects because they associate with positivity such as stability, consistency.

While asymmetrical objects associate with negativity such as wrong, missing, and out of balance.

Common Region : Similar to Proximity
Definition: Objects located within the same closed region are perceived to be together.


Focal Point : Attention Catcher
Definition: Elements that stand out visually will capture and hold viewer’s attention.


Notice how “extra” immediately grab your attention?

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