Your Design Job

You have got your first design job at ASU. Now, your manager wants your help in designing an infographic for freshmen students to show them on-campus resources.

Contents are provided, all you need is to apply Gestalt’s Design Principle and Color Theory to present the content.

Step One: Use Golden Ratio to Structure Content


Working with color can be overwhelming. We have tons of color, yet we only have one brain to think. However, getting to know the basics of color theory could help you a lot when it comes to design.

Color Hue: Same as Color

In general, hue holds the same definition as color. But to be professional, Hue refers to the dominant color family. Hue refers to the origin of the colors we can see.

Color Saturation: Intensity of the Color

Design is not as crazy as you think. As long as you learn the right design principle, you can design. This is why I am here to introduce Gestalt’s Design Principle to you.

Simplicity: Focus on What Matters
What it means: Simplicity in Gestalt’s theory indicates that elements should be designed in a simple and easy way to perceive.

Real World Application:

Haoyi Xu

UX Designer Currently Study at Arizona State University

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